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Garnet Peak



Activity: Day Hike, Peak Bagging

4.5 miles, 5899′ elevation, 730′ elevation gain, 2.5 hour duration, rated Moderate

Date: 12-10-22

Exquisite views for moderate effort. This spot is where the desert meets the mountains. From Garnet Peak you look down at Anza-Borrego and mountains all around.

After climbing McGinty Mountain the day before, I spent a chilly night camping in my rig.

It was a super day and time to hit the trail. Bluebird sort of day, rugged mountainside, with the desert sprawled out in front of me. It really was quite stunning, a view so nice it was hard to pull away.

It is a fun hike through terrain that was somewhat desert and somewhat coastal type chaparral. The summit obviously had the killer views, but there were plenty of peaking down a ravine to see the desert floor down below.

Not one day you are here has been promised you, so make the most of
every day as if it was your last and every breath, as if it was the same. 
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Garnet Peak

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Roger Jenkins

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