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Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail

San Dieguito River Park

Between Rancho Bernardo and Escondito

Activity: Day Hike, Peak Bagging

6.5 miles, 1145’ elevation, 932’ elevation gain, 3 hour duration, rated Moderate

Date: 10-15-21

I was pleasantly surprised by this hike the terrain is beautiful. The only drawback is there’s houses on the ridge and you just can’t get away from the traffic noise of the I-15.

The hike starts out along the bike path and then goes over the really nice David Kreitzer Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge above part of the watershed heading to Lake Hodges. This bridge certainly is not something you see everyday. After talking to some local hikers, I was informed that the area underneath the bridge, now a green belt, was part of the lake before the drought. Also the bridge’s construction technique is somewhat of a marvel.

After crossing the bridge the trail whips around through a shady oak lined area of the trail with a tranquil little stream, afterwards the trek towards the peak begins. The trail is great and the landscape is pretty cool, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you aren’t really getting away from it all. Still it is a good hike, with some respectable uphill exercise, and full views of the surrounding area from the top.

I met some firefighters that were doing PT, (Physical Training). One that set a Personal Best up the mountain. (I think he said that it was in contention for a top time for the Firehouse.) He was out of breath and panting. He joked with his buddies that showed up 10 minutes later that the hikers, that I had just conversed with, probably thought, “What is wrong with that guy?  He is so out of shape who are earth could he save?“  I did not spill the beans to his rescuer friends that I spied him tossing his cookies because he was pushing it so hard. No need to call him out, after all it turns out that he had gone to HS with my daughter at Fountain Valley HS, besides if I ran up the mountain in all that gear on a hot day I am sure I would have still been flat on my back, lol.

Bernardo Peak Summit Trail is a good training hike and a great spot for locals.

You can see the shadow of the bridge on the foliage in the above photo with Bernardo Peak in the background.

View from the summit

Firefighters training in gear. The guy in the center went to my daughter’s HS. Small world… Thanks to all the firefighters! They have been heavily tasked this season.
“To solve a problem walk around.” – Saint Jerome

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Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure