Sage Trail and Stanley Peak Loop


Near Escondido

Activity: Day Hike, Peak Bagging

10 miles, 1985’ elevation, 1560’ elevation gain, 4 hour duration, rated Moderate

Date: 11-12-21

Daley Ranch, near Escondido, provides 25 miles of hiking and biking trails on 3,150 acres of natural environment and historic ranch land.

Here is a success story for you. In 1868 Robert Daley, a young British immigrant, squatted on this land building a cabin, as the area was unmapped at the time and not available for purchase. He then purchased the land when it became available raised his family who became wealthy running a variety of businesses that included the Ranch. Fast forward to 1997 the City of Escondido purchased the land for 21 Million Dollars protecting it for use as a natural area for outdoor recreation and animal habitat.

There are a variety of trails throughout the ranch. I chose the Sage Trail and Stanley Peak Loop for my journey. I opted to take Old Water Tank Trail, which is short but steep, narrow, and more rugged option toward the peak and thus to me, more fun! I went on to add a short stint to the backside of Mallard Lake, which is a beautiful little pond like lake with reeds and some oak trees making it an idyllic spot to take a little break. I also added Boulder Loop, which added some mileage and a little elevation gain. Mostly what Boulder Loop added was a joyous trek through an area strewn with boulders and interesting rock formations. Some portions of the loop provided much appreciated shade from sturdy old oak trees.

Those were the add ons, but the loop itself has a variety of terrain from desert chaparral, meadows, rocky areas, as well as some tree line paths. Near the latter part of the hike is the Daley Ranch House. At the Ranch House location are bathrooms, tree shaded picnic tables, and some exhibits of historic ranch equipment.

The highlight of the hike is Stanley Peak which provides really nice views of the ranch, Escondido and the surrounding countryside to include many of the wonderful hills and mountains surrounding San Diego.

Mallard Lake
Daley Ranch House
“Hiking, good for what ails you.” -Roger Jenkins
Pursuing Balance Through Adventure 

Another hike, another peak, another outing in nature, another ’Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. Calm the mind, ignite the spirit, energize the body, and nourish the soul- that my friends is what PBTA is all about and that is what Nature can do: restore and rejuvenate. Stay with me, we are on this journey together: FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. The above menu lists places throughout the West that are excellent for the rest from the chaotic, busy lives that we all lead in the modern world that we all desperately need to put it all back into Balance. For Adventure Wear such as that seen in the video clip please go to SHOP APPAREL for top quality gear.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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