Way Up Trail, Harmony Grove Overlook and Equine Incline Loop

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Near Escondido

Activity: Day Hike

5.5 miles, 1,300’ elevation gain, 2.5 hours duration, rated Moderate

Date: 10-28-21

There is a nice Interpretive Center with clean bathrooms at the trailhead, however the Center was closed due to Covid when I was there. The parking lots can fill up fast on the weekend and I heard that there is a chance of getting ticketed on the roadway. So come early secure a spot and beat the heat.

When I was there it was hot in the 90’s but my camelback was leaking which kept me cool as it literally soaked my butt. The first mile or so is shady and rather steep. It will get your cardio going right off the bat. Parts of the trail are pretty rocky so good hiking boots are a plus.

As you are focused on the hill during your assent you get a nice relaxed nature feel, once you gain some elevation you see that there is humanity nearby, which is not my favorite as to me the more nature the better, but it is still a real nice area.

On the top it opens up and there are great views of the area. A storm earlier in the week cleared the air and made for some excellent sights such as Point Loma, the Coronado Islands, Mt Soledad, Del Mar and that great big blue Pacific.

The trail can be a bit rocky in places.
Click pic to see video from PBTA YouTube Channel
“Hiking Time is Always a Good Time” – Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure 

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Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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